In this Get Started Guide we will go over how to be added as an additional user to an existing Apex connected to Apex Fusion.  The applications of this could be a service company monitoring your system, a friend watching your tank while you are out of town, or even allowing another user to help you with setting up and configuring your Apex.  You don't need an Apex System to have an Apex Fusion account, just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Creating an Apex Fusion Account

    NOTE: If you have already created your account and received an activation email, skip to "Activating an Apex Fusion Account."
    1. The first step to getting started with Apex Fusion is to create an account.  To do this, navigate to using your Internet Browser, then click on "Get Control."

    2. Next, you'll click on "Create Account"

    3. Now, enter the email address you would like to use for your Apex Fusion account. and then click "Fuse Me!"

  2. Activating an Apex Fusion Account
    1. To activate your account, please go log into the email account you used to create your Apex Fusion account
    2. In your inbox you will see an email entitled "Apex Fusion Invitation."  One of those link's brought you to this Get Started Guide and the other will begin your account activation.

    3. Click on the "Activation Link."  This will bring you to the account sign up page.  Please fill this page out appropriately.  Please Note:
      1. That you must review and accept the Terms and Conditions
      2. Your "username" is not an email address
      3. We request your location simply to be able to better diagnose network outages the may affect a give region.

    4. After filling out the correct information, then click "Submit," and your account will have been successfully created.

    5. Now log into your Apex Fusion account

  3. Authorizing a new user on an Apex connected to Apex Fusion
    1. To be added to an Apex that is already connected to Apex Fusion, the user who is the "owner" of that Apex will need to authorize you and your level of access.
    2. Please email, text, or communicate your user name to the "owner" of that Apex.  I.E. "I created an Apex Fusion account.  My username is XXXXXX.  Please authorize me."
    3. The owner will then need to select on the "Authorizations" Icon on their Apex Fusion Dashboard

    4. Click on the "Add User" Icon in the top right hand corner

    5. And add your user name with the appropriate level of permission.

    6. After the owner has done this, you should be able to refresh your Apex Fusion page and see the newly added Apex to your list

  4. Navigating the Apex Fusion Dashboard
    1. In the charts below we will briefly review the different icons and their purpose. If you have questions on how to configure a device or a module, then please see the system or module Get Started Guide for help

      Name Apex List Alarm Log Input Log Output Log


      This icon will bring you to the "Apex List" page.  Here all of the systems that you own or have been given access to by other Apex Fusion users will be listed.

      This icon will bring you to all of the Alarm Events that have occurred on a give day.  Anytime one of your Alarm outlets is activated the condition that triggered it will be listed here.

      This icon will bring you to the different measurements your are logging with your Apex.  For example, the last seven days of your temperature and pH graphs are available here.

      This icon will bring you to all of the On/Off events that have occurred on a given day. Note: Logging of the outlet must be enabled to be viewed here.

      Name Outputs Profiles Authorizations Notes


      This icon will allow you to configure the different outlets available from your Energy Bars and other Neptune Systems' modules

      This icon will allow you to configure a variety of profiles for your advanced configuration needs.

      This icon will allow you to add other Apex Fusion users to view, monitor, program, and control your Apex

      This icon will allow you the ability to add events or notes to your Apex as they occur. 

    2. To access your Apex Fusion account settings and a variety of other useful help menus, click on your user name in the top right corner.

  5. Accessing Apex Fusion on your Phone or Tablet

    Many people ask, "Is there an App?"  The answer to this question is "Yes" and "No."   No, there is not an App you need to go download from the Apple Store or Google Play, configure and keep up to date..  Yes, Apex Fusion is a web-enabled App, which means the only thing you need to do to access Apex Fusion on your phone or tablet is an Internet browser on your phone or tablet.

    1. Open your web-browser on your phone and navigate to

    2. Sign-in and be sure to click "Remember me"

    3. Bookmark this page to your home screen.  If you are unsure how to do this simply Google, "How do I bookmark to home screen on a 'Insert Phone/Tablet Model here'?"

This concludes the Get Started on Apex Fusion.  This is simply overview of how to activate your Apex Fusion account, get connected to another user's Apex, and a brief navigation of its function.  For a more in depth view of using Apex Fusion or setting up an Apex System or Module, then please refer to the  Get Started Page and select your system or module.