If you are needing some questions answered about your Apex or having some trouble, then it will be helpful to add Neptune Support as an Authorized User to your account.  

Follow these simple steps to add Neptune Support from your Fusion List or Fusion Dashboard:

From the Fusion List 

  1. Left click on the any of the "Apex Status" Icons that you are an owner of

  2. Select "Support Access" 

  3. Here is your Apex Serial Number 

  4. Choose Level "Manage" and click "OK"

  5. Send us your Apex 'SERIAL #'

From the Fusion Dashboard 

  1. Click on the "Authorization" Icon

  2. Click on the "Add User" Icon in the top right hand corner

  3. Add "neptunesupport" with "management" permission and click "ok"

  4. If you haven't already done so, let your Neptune Systems Support Representative know the serial number of your controller so they can access your Apex in Apex Fusion.  
    1. Click on Apex List
    2. Your Apex and its Serial Number will be listed here.

  5. Please note other Apex Fusion users can be added in the exact same fashion.
  6. Send us your Apex 'SERIAL #'